Top 10 Wireless Bluetooth Speakers In 2020 (for Home & Outdoor)

Top 10 Wireless Bluetooth Speakers In 2020 

The importance of music to the soul, mind and body can’t be over-emphasized as it helps to lighten up one’s day.
Some sets of people see music as a source of inspiration or motivation.

Another faction of the human race sees music as a source of happiness and joy because it lightens up their mood and makes them feel good and ready for their daily activities.

Whichever group you belong, the importance of music won’t be fully maximized if they are played through a speaker with low-quality sound and low pitch.

This is why it is advisable you get a wireless Bluetooth speaker because it helps to improve the quality of your songs and it equally provides you with an opportunity to hear and enjoy every bit of the song you play.

As much as all wireless Bluetooth speakers are developed to allow you to hear every beat and sound in the music you play, Bluetooth speakers differ in qualities, efficiency and sizes.

This is why we have come up with the list of top 10 wireless Bluetooth speakers you can’t afford to miss in 2019.

The list didn’t just consist of names, version or model, but it contains the pros, price, quality and cons of each speaker in the list.
Before unveiling the list, let’s quickly open your mind to things you must know or consider before buying a Bluetooth speaker.

Top 10 Wireless Bluetooth Speakers In 2020 

1. Ultimate Ears (UE) Megaboom 3

Ultimate Ears (UE) Megaboom 3

If you desire quality wireless Bluetooth speaker, then, buying a UE Megaboom 3 speaker is inevitable because it contains everything you’re looking for in a Bluetooth speaker.

 Long-lasting Batte

Produced and packaged by highly-regarded Ultimate Ears, UE Megaboom 3 has a long-lasting battery that stays up for 20 hours irrespective of how often you utilize it.

You need not fright over the battery life because you have the luxury of enjoying the quality and high-pitched music for close to a day without charging your UE Mega Boom3 wireless audio speaker at the interval.

 Catchy Designs

In terms of beauty, UE Mega Boom3 is one of the most beautiful portable speakers you can see in 2019 because of the attractive design it portraits.

It is made with waterproof and dust-proof materials, hence, neither dust nor water has a negative impact on the mind-blowing speaker.

Wide-range Connectivity

This type of wireless speaker has the ability to connect with your phone or other audio devices even if it is 39ft away. It equally possesses frequency response of 90Hz-20kHz which is another factor supporting its wide-range connectivity.

 Audible and Quality Sound

Other blistering characteristics of UE Mega Boom3 wireless speaker are its massive sound quality which is second to none.

This wonderful speaker boasts of 90db sound level, making it one of the loudest wireless audio speaker in 2019.

It also ensures that you hear every beat of your as it produces 360-degree sound with an awesome low-end.

Party-enhancement Feature

This feature is uncommon to many wireless speakers which is one of the reasons why it’s important you go for UE Mega Boom3 wireless speaker whenever you are set to have one.

With this feature, you can connect at least eight Bluetooth-enabled devices to the speaker so as to increase the volume of your music, so much that multitudes or crowd can dance to it.


Though this speaker appears big, it is relatively portable enough to be taken to everywhere you go without stress.

With size 8.9 x 3.4-inches, UE Mega Boom3 is quite easy to take to anywhere.

USB Charger

It supports USB charging, meaning you can actually charge the battery via your PC among other USB-supported gadgets.

Mix Button

This feature was recently added to the latest version of the audio speaker and it allows you to create a playlist without touching your phone. Just click on the mix button and create a playlist of your favourite songs and beats.


Despite the wonderful features listed above, it will amaze you to know that the wireless speaker is sold at a very cheap and affordable price.

At Amazon, Mega Boom3 can be gotten for at a very cheap price. You can decide to order it at Walmart, but will need to pay a little higher than Amazon’s price tag because they financially value the speaker .


  • Unsupported Google Voice Command Unlike the latest version of wireless audio speakers making airwaves ,
  • UE Mega Boom3 can’t be controlled via voice commands as it doesn’t support Google Voice command.T
  • his is one of its greatest shortcomings and it is equally the major reasons why most people prefer other options.


2 The JBL Charge 4

The JBL Charge 4

One of the best waterproof speakers you can ever come across , JBL Charge 4 has diverse functions apart from adding quality to your songs.

It is affordable, durable, portable and above all, can be deployed as a charger for your phone and other electronic gadgets.

The possession of exposed woofers allows it to produce low-frequency sounds, if you’re that type of person who doesn’t love high-volume music.

Just like the Mega Boom3 speaker, JBL Charge 4 battery can last for 20 hours as long as you didn’t play your songs in loud voice.

As mentioned earlier, the speaker is very affordable as it cost just $109, according to Amazon’s rating.


  •  It Serves As Phone Charger: The presence of large or full-sized USB port around the back provides you with an unequal opportunity to charge your phone while you listen to your songs.
  •  It’s Waterproof: Either you intentionally dip the speaker into a bucket full of water or you mistakingly drop it in a pool, JBL charge 4 wireless speakers will continue to function well as far as it didn’t stay long in the fluid.


  •  It’s A Directional Speaker. Being a directional speaker, JBL charge 4 only speaks via one direction, therefore, the 360-degree sound isn’t supported.
  • You must be very careful with the way you handle the speaker to prevent dust or dirt from blocking the speaker’s direction which is located at the side where there is JBL emblem.

3. Amazon Echo (2nd Generation) Smart Wireless Speaker

Amazon Echo (2nd Generation) Smart Wireless Speaker

Amazon Echo Smart Wireless Speaker comfortably occupies the third position based on its great features and the ability give your songs smart sound with mind-blowing bass.

This second generation of Amazon Echo Smart wireless speaker maintains its stand as one of the most sought after speakers in 2019 because of the possession of topnotch qualities which are discussed below.


24-hour Battery Life

With this wireless speaker, you can listen to your songs for 24 hours without charging it, thanks to its strong battery life.
However, you must ensure that the battery is fully charged before you start using the speaker to protect the battery’s long-term future.


Just like the aforementioned ones, Amazon Echo Smart wireless speaker consists of gorgeous fabrics which can easily be changed at any time you desire.

The fabrics are of diverse colours and patterns, it is left for you to choose the beautiful and unique one of your choice.

 Voice Control Enhancement

Speak to your speaker via Amazon’s digital voice assistant known as Alexa.

This feature is the main reason why you can’t afford to lose out on this great speaker because it provides you with multiple options.

Apart from providing you with the chance to ask your speaker some funny questions, the digital voice helps you read new messages, read your mails, and even create new playlists — just give a command!

 Great and Uncompromising Audio Performance

The fact that it possesses Digital voice control doesn’t stop it from giving your music quality and perfect sound performance when they played by the speaker.

The second generation of Amazon Smart wireless speaker is known for its great bass and impressive overall sound quality, hence, it is listed among the perfect Bluetooth speakers in 2019.


Buying the product via Amazon means you need nothing less than $169.99 based on the online market platform’s price tag on the mind-blowing speaker.


  •  Not Waterproof Or Dust-proof: This is neither waterproof speaker nor dust-proof, therefore, it has a high tendency of getting damaged too easily if it’s not handled with care. You must prevent water from entering into it at all costs if it must stand the test of time.
  •  It Is Expensive:Amazon Echo wireless speaker is relatively expensive compared to the previous ones. As much as it worth the price tag, it appears too steep and unaffordable for everyone.

4. Bose SoundLink Revolve+

Bose SoundLink Revolve+

This wireless Bluetooth speaker is in a class of its own because of its massive 360-degree sound and the great bass it adds to your music and other available audio tracks or files.

It occupies the fourth position not only because it’s beautiful but because of its all-round efficiency when it comes to providing you with quality service and enjoyments.

Bose, as a firm, is known for quality products, hence you should expect nothing but mind-blowing features from the SoundLink Revolve Bluetooth speaker.

Just like many of their previous audio devices, Bose took their time to ensure that this wireless speaker wears an eye-catching and good-looking designs which will attract their customers.

Taking a close look at thek Revolve+ speaker, there is an obvious lantern-like handle at the top which allows you to easily take it from one place to another.

In fact, you can even decide to (carefully) swing it back-and-forth with the help of the lantern-like handle.

Beautified with the presence of perforated aluminium around the speaker, Bose SoundLink Revolve+ is one of the most beautiful audio devices you should possess in your house.

In terms of battery capacity and lifespan, it is believed that the IPX4—rated audio speaker has a battery that will last for 16 hours without hitches or ‘low battery’ signal.

It is advisable you play your music in a moderate volume to preserve battery life.

The most impressive part of the speaker is its quality sound and performances. The sound consists of bass, treble and upper mid range, all of which add more sweetness to your songs.

It equally allows you to connect two devices at the same time, therefore, you and your friend can simultaneously connect to the brainstorming speaker.


  • You don’t need to strain your ears to enjoy your music, thanks to the possession of in-built microphone which enhance the speaker’s loudness and audibility.
  • You can actually pick up your phone calls with the microphone even if you don’t touch your mobile phone.
  • With Google assist-enabled features, you can easily operate it without experiencing much stress or difficulties.


  • No Charger: Though this speaker is a quality product, it has one fact that you – and many other customers – won’t want to hear. The Bose wireless speaker isn’t packaged with its charger, hence, you will need to buy the charger separately.
  •  It’s An Unguaranteed Waterproof Product: This product is made of waterproof materials but it can’t withstand the damaging effects of water for long. This means you must prevent water from gaining access to the speaker as it can lead to its destruction in the long run.


It is believed that the Bose wireless audio speaker is expensive.  It sounds expensive, but it is relatively affordable compared to the service you are guaranteed to enjoy.

5. Mix Hero Bluetooth Speakers

Mix Hero Bluetooth Speakers

Mix Hero Bluetooth speakers are the fifth position based on its potentials to add more quality and great value to your music.

Without wasting your time, let’s quickly unveil the features and reasons why this wireless audio speaker is one of the best Bluetooth speakers you can’t afford to overlook in 2019.

 Mouthwatering Wireless Connection

You might want to argue that every wireless speaker has the ability to connect with phones and other music-playing devices, which is the blatant truth. However, the wireless connection related to the Mix Hero Bluetooth speaker is seemingly different from others, this is because it allows you to simultaneously connect two devices/phones using the TWS stereo pair. This means you can perform different activities or each phone using one speaker.

 360-degree Sound Effect

The Mix Hero Bluetooth speaker isn’t a directional speaker, hence, it produces sound at all sides. This enhances the quality and volume of sound it produces when playing your music.

With the possession of 5W inner magnetic loudspeaker, you can rest assured that you will clearly hear every bit of your songs without straining your ears even when you are more than 10 meters away.

Large Capacity Lithium Battery

Judging by the massive capacity of the battery and testimonies from users, Mix Hero Bluetooth speaker’s 750mAh Lithium battery will play over 100 songs before you need to charge it.

You should, however, take your time and ensures that it is fully charged( one to two hours charge is enough) before using it in order to maintain the quality of the battery for a very long time.

Great Waterproof Designs

With double layers of IPX6 level material, this speaker has a great resistance to water as it doesn’t get damaged too easily whenever it falls into a pool.

As much as the speaker does not feel any negative effect of water or any liquid substance, it is very important you avoid water from touching it regularly.


  •  Affordable Price:The good side of this speaker is that it’s very affordable and cheap, it’s something you can get without affecting your budget for the year.
    According to reviews  , the Mix Hero wireless audio speaker worth it. 
  •  It Includes Some Other Packages:
  • You don’t only get your speaker after buying from Amazon, there are some important packages or items you stand to get.
  • The freebies include: USB Charging Cable, AUX Cable and an English User Manual which serves as user’s guide.[/su_expand]


  • Battery Doesn't Last For Long
  • Though the speaker consists of a 750mAh battery, it is said that it can only last for just eight (8) hours. You could be forced to charge the battery three times in a day.[/su_expand]

6. Fugoo Style-S Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Fugoo Style-S Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

This is another Bluetooth speaker that will capture your mind and attention whenever you set your sights on it.

It's a less expensive wireless speaker that will provide you with services more valuable than its price tag.

Talk of the booming sound, the far distance connectivity rate and its portability, all of these are present in this product which is why you should include the speaker in your list of things to get before the end of the year.

The speaker can connect to your phone even if it is 100m afar, as long as there is no wall or other objects between them.

Should there be any object or any source of obstruction between the speaker and your phone, it is expected that connection strength will drastically reduce to just 60m.

Features Of Fugoo Style-S Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Great Sound Mixture

The sound mixture produced by this product will surely make you want to play your music at all times. The bass, treble and midrange are perfectly mixed together in the right proportion by the speaker to give your music another class of flavour.

Gorgeous Design

Talking of the Style-S design, it contains an attractive perforated or mesh design that adds more beauty to the speaker without affecting the volume level.

 Considerable Battery Life

Though the battery isn't as long-lasting as you would expect from the products, Style-S Bluetooth speaker still has a relatively strong battery that will stay for 15 hours without charging it.

Press the power button, while the speaker is working, to know the battery's level. A prompt voice will tell you if there's a need to charge your battery or not whenever you press the button.


  • Cheap and affordable, the Style-S Bluetooth is sold for only $129 at Amazon and some other online markets.


  • It has a very audible sound irrespective of the volume level.
  •  It is affordable compared to many newly invented or modern-day Bluetooth speakers.
  •  You can connect it with a bigger speaker to get a grip of stereo surround while playing your music.


  • As mentioned earlier, the greatest undoing or limitation of the Style-S Bluetooth speaker is the battery lifespan. It is relatively shorter compared to the level of enjoyment you desire to derive from your songs.

7. UE Wonderboom 2

UE Wonderboom 2

This is another product from the Ultimate Ear, and it’s not miles away from the UE Mega Boom3 speaker which occupies the first position.

UE Wonderboom has a IPX5-rated speaker which has a great resistivity level to water and dust. In a nut shell, this product is waterproof and its small size allows it to float if dipped in a massive pool of water.

Two wonderboom speakers can be connected together to provide your songs with crazy and quality sounds that will gladdens your mind.

In addition, the sound, including bass and treble, produced by Wonderboom wireless speaker is loud, audible and captivating, hence, it can be used in indoor parties or ceremonies.

Just like the UE Mega Boom3, Wonderboom speaker has a long-lasting battery life that can function for whooping 20 hours without giving a 'battery low' signal or notification.

It has a catchy design that contains six different colors. Wonderboom's design is arguably an upgrade to mega Boom3's design based on the numbers of colors utilized by the UE company.


  • It’s relatively cheap 
  • It is not the best wireless speaker for the travelers as it somehow big in size.

8. Tribit XsoundGo

Tribit XsoundGo

This is one of the cheapest Bluetooth Speakers you can ever come across in 2019 as it is rated below $50 at Amazon. You don’t need to empty your purse to purchase it due to its affordability.

Despite its low price, the Tribit XsoundGo still remains one of the best wireless speakers making waves in the portable audio industry because of its strong battery which will last for 24 hours.

The price tag could be deceiving, hence, you should ignore the price and focus on the fact that it provides you with an opportunity to listen to over 100 non-stop songs without charging.

With Tribit XsoundGo, you can enjoy your music beside the beach without any fear. This is because it is made of IP67-rated materials that have massive resistivity to water and dust.

There's no cause for alarm if the speaker is mistakenly dunked into the water because it's made of quality waterproof materials.


Features Of The Tribit XsoundGo Speaker

 Less Mass/Weight

Just like the price, XsoundGo doesn't have much weight, making it very easy and stress-free to carry from one place to another.

According to Amazon's review, this speaker weighs just 0.8 pounds, while its size is 4.2 x 2.3 inches.


Everything regarding this product is simple, hence, it does not possess sophisticated design. It is consist of a simple, spherical-shaped aluminium frame at the top.

Though simple, the design is attractive and unique compared to other wireless speakers.

 Quality Sound

The Tribit XSoundGo has a very impressive bass level and its overall sound quality is nothing but awesome. The affordable wireless speaker adds a blistering bass to your song as long as its battery level is above 50%.


  • Almost everyone can afford to buy it due to its cheap price.
  •  It is durable.


  •  It can’t connect with phones in a far distance (above 30ft).
  •  It can’t connect with two devices (simultaneously)
  •  It doesn’
  • It Support
  • Voice Command

9. Anker Soundcore 2

Anker Soundcore 2

Occupying the ninth position is small-but-mighty wireless speaker Anker soundcore 2 which is known as one of the cheapest Bluetooth speakers in .

According to Amazon's price tag on the product, the Anker Soundcore 2 cost just $40 and it's a very affordable price that shouldn't force you into altering your financial budgets for the year.

It is tiny in size but it possesses a speaker with an unimaginable and a well-balanced sound. The IPX5 rated speaker can resist all negative effects of water, snow and dust.

However, it is advisable to avoid water, dust or snow from contacting the speaker because it has only a considerable level of resistivity to the damaging factors listed above.

In terms of beauty, this audio speaker consists of simple, compact and beautiful designs made from multiple colours, making it one of the most attractive audio speakers in the year.

The most impressive feature of the Anker Soundcore Bluetooth speaker lies in its batter life. The battery lasts for 24 hours as long as it's fully charged before use.


The major limitation to the product remains its lack of Voice command. You have to control the audio speaker with the control keys at the top of the product which could be a bit stressful.

Specifications Summary

Battery Life: 24 hours

Power Output: 12W

Wireless Range: 20m

Dimensions (hwd) 5 x 17 x 6cm

Charging Time: 3 hours

Waterproof rating: IPX7

Weight: 0.4kg

10. V-Moda Remix

V-Moda Remix

Last but not least, V-Moda Remix Bluetooth speaker is another speaker worth buying because of the undeniable effects it has on sounds and beats.

You have no reason to encounter audibility problems while making calls, thanks to remix's brainstorming speakerphone.

Its design is second to none because of the attractive and customizable aluminium materials at the top of the speaker.

The device consists of another customizable black plastic, while it's front design contains a well-decorated 3D-printed fibre which serves as a source of attraction.


  • Long-lasting Battery: It's 10-hour rated 3,400mAH battery is one of the strongest features of the device.
  • V-Moda Remix's battery will play your musical jams for nothing less than 10 hours without hitch, irrespective of the volume.
  •  Perfect Sounds Mixture: If you're someone who loves to feel the bass and mid tones in your songs, then, this device is best for you as it possesses perfect sounds mixture.


  •  It's Expensive: You might need to alter your 2019 budget to get this device due to its expensive nature. According to Amazon, V-Moda Remix Bluetooth speaker costs $179 which appears too high for an average man to afford.
  •  No Voice Command Enhancement: You would expect that such an expensive product supports voice commands, but that isn't the case. This is one limitation that must be corrected by the manufacturing firm as soon as possible.
  •  No Water Resistance: This is another reason why many people often overlook this product when choosing a Bluetooth speaker. The device is as good as damaged as soon as it drops into any quantity of water and any other type of fluid.

Other Important Information (Specifications)

Size: 8.1 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches.

Weight: 1.9 pounds.

Things To Consider Before Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

Things To Consider Or Know Before Buying A Bluetooth Speaker
There are some important factors you must put into consideration before buying a Bluetooth speaker in order to avoid ending up with a substandard one.

There are many wireless Bluetooth speakers -- of different sizes, shapes and rupees -- in the market but only a few of them are made with quality materials that can stand the test of time. This is why it is very crucial you understand many facts about the sound-enhancing device before making a choice.

Luckily, we have come up with a quick rundown of things and facts you should know and consider about Bluetooth speakers.

1. Understanding Specifications

Specification simply means the features, quality and internal capacity of a certain gadget or device.
Talking of Bluetooth speaker's specification, there are some important terms you must understand. They include the following:
* Frequency Response

Often measured in Hertz(Hz), Frequency Response simply means a speaker's ability to produce quality sound. It is often written from one value to another( 200Hz — 30,000Hz or 30KHz as an example).
Note that the wider the range of frequency response, the higher the speaker's ability to produce good and audible sound effects.
It is equally crucial you know that the bass in your songs can only be audible if your speaker's frequency response ranges from 20Hz to 200Hz and above.
If you must also enjoy the sound of the guitar, piano and other musical instruments in your songs, then the speaker you should go for must have a frequency response that ranges from 250Hz to 4000Hz (or 4kHz), which is widely known as the mid-range.
Meanwhile, treble and other vocal voices are perfectly audible in Bluetooth speakers with h a frequency response that ranges from 4kHz and above.

* Bluetooth version

The version and type of Bluetooth present in an audio speaker determines the length of space that will exist between your phone and the wireless device.
It is, therefore, important that you take your time to check the version of Bluetooth on the device you're about buying.
It is advisable you get a product with Bluetooth 4 and above so as to derive maximum pleasure from your music.
Going for a Bluetooth 4 and above means your phone can be at least 60m away from your Bluetooth speaker without encountering any connection problems. It also ensures that the battery doesn't drain faster than normal.

* Drivers

The driver of a speaker is arguably the most important component of the device, hence, you need to consider its capacity or size before buying any wireless speaker of your choice.
The larger the driver, the larger the size of your speaker. If you want a portable wireless Bluetooth speaker, you should check on the size of the driver and make sure it doesn't exceed 40mm.
You can decide to go for a speaker with 50mm or larger drivers if you're a fan of bigger speakers.
That's not all, the size, position and number of the driver also determine how loud your speaker can be. Some wireless speakers have two or more drivers which is one of the reasons why they produce loud and quality sounds.

* Connectivity

This is another information you must get from the specification before paying for any speaker of your choice.
Connectivity, in this case, can be classified into two categories which are the wireless connection and the Auxiliary connection.
The wireless connection is made possible due to the availability of Bluetooth. The auxiliary connection is made possible due to the presence of 'Aux-in'
As mentioned before, the version of the Bluetooth plays a major role in ensuring that your speaker produces great sound. Nonetheless, you must also check the aux-in capacity before you purchase your speaker.
NFC is another feature of a wireless speaker that bolster the connectivity level between your phone and the device.
It is indicated on the body of a product if it possesses this feature or not. However, NFC is not the only or major criteria that boost the speaker's connectivity, it is advisable you ask some questions from the seller to know more.
Still on connectivity, the microphone is another item or tool that makes you get the best out of your wireless speaker when connected to your phone or music playing gadgets.
You can communicate with the speaker's virtual assistant via the microphone as long as it's connected to the speaker.
You don't need to touch your phone before picking up calls because you can actually pick or make calls with the microphone.

* Charging Mode
.You must check the speaker's charging style or mode before reaching a final conclusion on the kind of speaker you want to buy.
Most of the modern-day wireless Bluetooth speakers possess a standard USB charging port which makes charging easy and convenient.
With micro-USB ports, you can charge your speaker with power banks at any point in time.

2. Where To Use It

This is another thing you must consider before getting a new Bluetooth speaker. If you're someone who lives in a noisy neighbourhood, then, it is mandatory you get a very loudspeaker.
If you stay in an urban settlement, it is advisable you go for a product with contemporary and catchy designs. Example of such speakers includes Bose SoundLink Revolve and Tribit SoundGo.

3. Purpose For Buying It

It is everyone's believes that wireless Bluetooth speakers are mainly created for a musical purpose (to listen to songs), however, each person has individual reasons for wanting the device.

You must consider the main reason why you want a Bluetooth speaker and you shouldn't compromise.

4. Speaker's Rating

This point is more-or-less one of the things you will come across under speaker's specifications but we decided to make it stands on its own due to its broadness.

When talking of speaker's rating, it is inevitable you come across terminologies like IP or IPX, which is a term used in rating the level of protection an electronic device has against dust, water and ingress of particles. IP stands for International Protection.

Wireless Bluetooth Speaker's Ratings or IP rating begins from 0 (zero) to 9 depending on the level of protection each speaker enjoys against dust, water and other damaging ingresses.

Below are some ratings and their meaning

  1. * IP0 — This means that the wireless Bluetooth speaker has no protection against water, dust or solid particles. You need to be very careful with the way you handle this type of device as you must avoid exposing it to dust, water and other unhealthy particles.
  2. *IPX1 – A wireless Bluetooth speaker with level 1 rating means it can withstand a few drops of water or fluid. Let say it can survive a few drops of rain for 10 minutes.
    Note: The (X) symbol means the protection level of the speaker only deals with water.
  3. * IPX2 – A Bluetooth speaker with this rating can survive a few drops of water for 30 minutes and the water must come from a single direction.
  4. * IPX3 – A wireless Bluetooth device with this rating will perform perfectly fine if it stays for 5 minutes in 50 litres of water.
  5. * IPX4 – A Bluetooth speaker with this rating is known as splash-proof as it can survive a large number of water splashes from any direction but there is still a limit to what the level of water it withstands. Example of this speaker includes Bose Soundlink Revolve and VTIN.
  6. * IPX5 – A Bluetooth speaker with this rating is also known as splash-proof but it has more resistance to water than the IPX4-rated speakers.
  7. IPX6 — Speakers with this rating are completely unaffected by any quantity of water but they can be destroyed by hot waters.
  8. IPX7 and IPX8 — Speakers with this rating are also unaffected when dipped into a large pool of water. Speakers in this category include JBL Flip 4, JBL Charge 3, UE BOOM 3.
    IPX9K – Bluetooth speakers with this rating will resist all the negative effects of water (cold or hot).
    When checking for IP rating, don't be deceived by symbols like IPX-6. It is NOT the proper rating terms.
    We believe you now have more understanding about wireless Bluetooth speakers, now let's swing into the business of the day as you we unveil the top 10 wireless speakers in 2019.



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