Check Out These Cute Ghana Weaving Styles For The Festive Season

Check Out These Cute Ghana Weaving Styles For The Festive Season

If Ghana weaving is not on your list of to-do hairstyles for mostly festive season and everyday life then you have not arrive. For the very reason that it will guarantee your face an instant lift and lasts long making it an ideal hair style ; makes it a no-brain – after going through the different Ghana weaving styles we are going to give you here sure you will have not option than to pick one of the styles below.

For those who are not aware, If you didn’t know, Ghana weaving hairstyles belongs to that category of styles that flatter your face shape and make you look younger (no jokes here). Also, they trend everyday, never going out of styles because they are usually sync with the latest fashion trending to make them no t go out of fashion.

Hello everyone we have tried our best to curate the most trending collection of various styles you would like instantly you set your eyes on them.

hopefully we believe that you will surely find the perfect hairstyle of your choice to rock any day anytime!


Here is a popular style that have been trending for some time now. We see it as the best way to combine all-back and braids and it won’t take too much time plus it’s accessory-friendly you will fall in love with it. You will notice that the braids at the just back are little constant although there is every chances you could spin the front part however way you feel like!

(Photo: Instagram / Nigerianbraids)

(Photo: Instagram / Leonegoddess)

(Photo: Instagram / Miaghogho)


Tiny shuku strands parted just in the centre or middle as the case maybe to give a high ponytail are really in right now. We have notice that with shuku most people worry so much more about their edges although this is not general, also note that there is always different styles to choose from. It could be straight, slanted, middle part or even a side part – whatever works for you!

(Photo: Instagram / Kiakhameleon)

(Photo: Instagram / Kiakhameleon)

(Photo: Pinterest / Lavish Braiding)


The all-to-the-side style came into popularity back in 2014 when Beyonce debuted it in ‘Say Yes’ video, I even tried to rock it then but most of my friends found it not funny because they are yet to catch up with the trend then. Ever since then, it has been an on and off trend never wanting to fade away but right now it has kinda come to stay and I think it will stay a long while .

(Photo: Instagram / Kiakhameleon)

(Photo: Pinterest / Betty Robinson)


Hairstylists are adding modern twists like ombre and single bright colours to this hairstyle. This option is perfect if you want to try something different from the other lengthy options. A refreshingly bold choice if you ask us!

(Photo: Pinterest / Charlotte Potter)

Fulani Braids

If all the options seem like too much work, this one is definitely for you. All you have to do is pack your hair (or extension) into buns, fix in a few strategic strands and accessorize as you like. Such a double score!

(Photo: Instagram / Nnescorner)

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