The Best WiFi Routers 2020: Top Wireless Router Reviews & Buying Guide


The 21st century era surely witnessed (and is still witnessing) a social revolution. This revolution is characterized by the migration of the society from physical to the internet. As a result, your pass to staying in touch with the world has been reduced to your phone and access to stable internet. Simply put, the world has gone digital and being part of this revolution means you have to run with it.

Now, keeping up with the internet drama can be challenging. However, this is not a challenge that a great Wi-Fi router can’t fix. With a perfect Wi-Fi router to grant you fast internet speed and amazingly strong range, amongst other reasons to own a Wi-Fi router, you can be sure to get rid of that FOMO (fear of missing out) nonsense.

Without further ado, it is important to state at this juncture that Wi-Fi routers are not all designed to perfectly function the same way. In other words, all Wi-Fi routers are built for specific purposes from 4k streaming or to serving larger homes or for gaming etc. Hence, before you decide to spend your money on a Wifi router, ensure that it serves the purpose for which you need it. This would ensure you get value for the money you spend acquiring the router.

Are you about to get a WiFi router? Read on to discover the best routers in 2019 selected based on their functionality and reviews from people who have used (and are still using) it.

1. Google Wi-Fi Router

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Google Wi-Fi Router
Google Wi-Fi Router

The Best Wi-Fi Router

Here is a sneek peek into what it is capable of
It supports 802.11ac connectivity with 2.4GHz and 5GHz channels, 2×2 antennas and beamforming. This router comes with two Ethernet ports, a quad-core processor with 512 MB RAM and 4 GB flash memory

You can control access to it via the app that accompanies it.Want to see more stuff this router is capable of? Stick around a bit more to discover more awesome

Created by google, this Wi-Fi router is popularly known for the ease that comes with its set up. This ease is all thanks to the mesh technology that the futuristic manufacturers deployed while creating it.

The Google Wi-Fi router is a diversion from the traditional wireless Wi-Fi routers. This is owing to the fact that it is a mesh router. In more relatable terms, this means you do not need wireless extenders to spread the reach of the Wi-Fi network. However, you need to set the router in strategic locations in your house so as to drown every corner of the house in Wi-Fi.

With more mesh units than the other mesh routers in its category, the Google Wi-Fi router seems to be the best router this year has produced so far. Based on what you need it for, you can purchase this Wi-Fi router either as a single unit or a multi-pack (pack of three).

features of the google Wi-Fi router.

Excellent Range

one of the important things to consider when getting a wireless router is the distance it can and this router takes care of this problem. With the ability to envelope a large house with access to the internet, it can cover distance up to 3000- 4500 square feet. To expand the network range, you should consider buying the entire pack which is a super-fast.


Prior to the existence of the Google Wi-Fi router, Wi-Fi network administration was a bit of a complicated and difficult task because of the software. Hence, you required the help of an expert of the sort to guide you through the administrative process. However, with the advent of google Wi-Fi and its software, anyone can successfully manage the router without needing a guide or a third party. With family friendly and simple network control on the Google Wi-Fi app, you or your relatives can take charge of the network. This app truly grants you the Wi-Fi super powers required to manage and monitor your router smoothly. As an admin you can; create a guest network, check the units of your mesh, test the speed of your Wi-Fi etc.


if you have encountered other Wi-Fi routers that have seriously let you down when it comes to networking speed, don’t let that experience plunge you to a state of having trust issues with Wi-Fi routers in general. This is because, aside possessing excellent range, it adds to its super power fast, stable and reliable speed. In fact, while it is difficult to rely on people(lol!), you can absolutely rely on this Google router as you would not run into problems with dropped or slow connections or buffering.

As a trustworthy friend, it would inform you via its color-coded LED light when the connection is bad and something has to be done. In addition, this router can handle quite a lot of workload. Although, it doesn’t support MU-MIMO (Multiple user or Multiple input, multiple output), the mesh technology it was built with bestowed on it the super power it needs to handle the workload dumped on it. So, whether you are streaming videos from Netflix in 4k and a friend or neighbor joins in this exercise on their own device etc., Google Wi-Fi router can handle this workload all day, every day (Well, say hello to your new found love!)


another feature that we love about this google Wi-Fi is its elegant design. With its colour being white and portability, it sure is everything to be proud of. In this world where fashion is top notch as always and people are specific about making the interior of their house look as fabulous as it can, the google Wi-Fi reminds us that even Wi-Fi routers deserve to look pretty too. Hence, bye-bye to the days when Wi-Fi routers not only frustrated us but also looked quite hideous.

  •  The setup is quite easy.
  •  Its Wi-Fi coverage game is strong.
  •  It is quite affordable compared to other mesh routers.
  •  There are no complications or difficulty to its control.
  •  It has just two cable ports.
  • It has no web interface.

In conclusion, The Google Wi-Fi seems to be the whole package with its portability, easy to manage and set up, long range coverage, accessibility, parental control etc. It practically outshines bigger routers in its category with these features and more. Most especially, it is affordable.


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Fun fact about NETGEAR Wi-Fi Router
It has 4 gigabit Ethernet ports which encourages flexible connectivity. Just one Netgear Orbi Wi-Fi router in your house does the trick of bringing you an amazing internet experience.

The kit comes with a Netgear Orbi Wi-Fi router and two satelites.

First thing you should know about this router is that it is pricey but, it is super-fast. This makes the price you invest in it totally worth it. With the ability to cover up to 6000 feet, this router is reliable. More so, you do not need the help of wireless extenders to get network into Wi-Fi dead zones. Fun fact, you can add multiple devices on this router and it won’t slow down the speed. This is all thanks to the Tri-band technology. Like the Google Wi-Fi router, it is easy to set up this Wi-Fi using the Orbi app.


● Range Coverage
This Wi-Fi router banishes dead zones from your house as it covers your home with access to the internet like ant does with sugar. Regardless of the size of your house, surrendering your house to this Wi-Fi router brightens up your apartment from downstairs to upstairs. This is possible because it covers up to 5000 square ft. While still maintaining its speed. More so, this Wi-Fi function on the patented tri-band connection which allows it receives multiple devices without slowing down, crashing or losing its speed (Cool right?)

The Netgear Orbi is quite modern in its design. With the colour coded LED, you can detect the status of the connection it. From time to time, this colour coded LED flashes you only four colours; White, Blue, Amber and Magenta. Each of these colours passes a message across to you. When it is starting up, it glows white. It glows blue when the connection is Ok. The amber glow simply means that the connection is weak.

Hence, you should either turn it off or just wait a while for it to get its blue shine back. Magenta has a shade of red in it and red has been associated with danger. However, when there is no light at all, it’s simply an indication that the connection is strong. when your Netgear Orbi glows Magenta, it means there is no connection.

In size, the Orbi is 8 inches tall and 6.4 inches wide. It only comes with a sleek white colour with the name “Orbi” stylishly branded on the lower part of the router. All the ports (Ethernet, internet), buttons are at the back of the Wi-Fi; entirely out of view. Thus, except you do not manage your wires well, it would become messy and unattractive. Being modern and unique in design, you can leave it out in the open on a table (this boost performance) or you can tuck it in a bookshelf if you would rather keep it out of sight.

Orbi uses a strong parental control technique born from the partnership with Disney. This parental control bestows you with the ability to limit the time spent on the internet for your kids. More so, you can absolutely prevent your kids from visiting websites that are off-limits. Thus, you can keep your kids safe from consuming dangerous content online.

Like the Google Wi-Fi router, there is no complication to the setup phase of this router. It sets itself up via the home Wi-Fi network system. There are two ways to this set up. You either go through downloading the app and scanning some QR codes or, on your PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet. If you’re using a Mac or PC, simply connect to the Orbi router via the Ethernet. If you are using a smartphone or tablet, connect via Wi-Fi then go to on your browser.

The other option is to download the Orbi app or Netgear genie app. Then, follow the instructions dictated to you. Orbi would do a network check before the router is set up. Then, proceed to power up the satellite and ensure that it is close to the router so that the router would find it once you set it to scan for the satellite.

Successfully concluded this stage? Go on to change the network name, access the password and admin password. After doing this, restart the devices to enjoy the bliss of the Netgear Orbi. This whole process is not time consuming at all as it takes nothing less than 10 minutes to get it all done.

  •  High speed
  •  Strong long range coverage
  •  MU-MIMO technology
  • It is expensive
  •  It might not work well with old devices.

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Routers are geneally created to cater for our internet needs. However, some routers serve a particular purpose better than others. For instance, if you are looking to get a budget friendly Wi-Fi that can serve you well at gaming, then, the Asus RT-AC88U AC (3100) is the perfect gaming thirst quencher. Unlike the perfect Netgear Orbi router, this internet gaming router is a dual-band gigabit router with strong signal and high speed connection. It has 8 gigabit LAN ports and its web interface is great.

Specially crafted for gaming, gamers are in for a truckload of amazing gaming experience. Its speed which is set at 802.11ac: 2167Mbps 802.11n: 1000 Mbps makes it super-fast. Hence, gamers get to enjoy uninterrupted game streaming. As regards its range, it is long, hence, can drown your home in solid Wi-Fi connection.

This router has a huge 128MB worth of flash memory and it supports MU-MIMO (Multi user Multiple input Multiple output). This is a rather techy way of saying that it supports multiple users send and receiving data on it simultaneously. Thus, you do not have to bother about it crashing or slowing down.


In terms of appearance, this router follows the usual design for routers with antennas shooting out behind them. It is black with a touch of red on the antennas. These antennas wire strong signal to your device regardless of the distance. Consider these antennas as a Wi-Fi dead-zone slayer. Crafted with two USB ports, you can share your scanners, printers etc. on the network. The purpose of the 8 gigabit ports is to aid the router deliver high speed and amazing performance irrespective of the amount of device connected to it.


After getting this router, the setup is quite easy to do. Start by connecting it to your PC and the internet after which you proceed to the Asus web interface. Here, you would be met with two options. The first is for you to continue with the wizard setup while the second requires you to set up the router manually. If your connection is strong, the wizard instantly begins configuring your router based on your selected connection type (which could either be; Dynamic IP, Static IP or PPPoE). After successfully completing this stage, proceed to name the SSIDs and create a network encryption key. This, my friend is the cost of setting up this Asus router.

Range Coverage

The range coverage for this route is really long. You can set up the router in the living room and choose to play the game in the library or your room etc. and the signals would not be lost or slowed down. As long as you remain within the confines of your home, the Wi-Fi signals remains strong. More so, a lot of devices can be connected to this router without the speed being corrupted or slowed down. This is all thanks to the MU-MIMO feature that tricks the router into thinking these multiple devices connect to it as though they were a single device.


With incredible speed to grant you an amazing gaming experience, Asus also put enough effort into protecting you online. They offer you a complete protection package that includes: parental control (so parents can curb the excesses of their younglings), blocking malicious sites, automatic vulnerability detection etc.

  • It has 8 gigantic lightning fast LAN ports
  •  Multiple phones connected to it does not affect the speed
  •  It is compatible with AiMesh
  •  The USB ports is positioned awkwardly
  •  Getting the fastest Wi-Fi speed out of this router is heavily dependent on a special hardware.
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4. Linksys AC1900 Dual Band Wireless Router

Linksys AC1900 Dual Band Wireless Router

If you are the type who resides in a large house, say a mansion, with a lot of friends and relatives and you thinking of getting a Wi-Fi router that would allow everyone get the best of Netflix, HBO, Roku etc. on their devices, then this router just might be right for you. It takes home the crown of “best Wi-Fi for large homes”.

The first feature that validates this is its ability to accommodate multiple devices, allowing them stream whatever they wish to online without buffering. Nonetheless, this router’s purpose seems to be heavily focused on online streaming. Although the network might fluctuate at some point and affect its performance, it is excellent at the work it was crafted for; streaming.

FEATURES OF Linksys AC1900 Dual Band Wireless Router.

The max stream AC1900 router by Linksys is plain black with simply the Linksys logo plastered on it. There are three antennas shooting up from behind it to foster strong signal around your house. It has quite an amount of Ethernet ports, 4gigabit LA ports and two USB ports (USB 3.0 and 2.0) carved into its back. The pride of this router is its ability to dish out a near perfect wireless network.

The process of setting up this Wi-Fi requires less drama and is quite simple. All you need is your modem, your smartphone and/ or devices etc. Turn on the router. Once it comes on, plug it into the wall and, then, to your modem. It might take a while to come on but it will. Once this has been successful accomplished, connect to the network address in the router manual to set up your network address. The process to set up your network address would be dictated to you in form of on-screen instructions. The next stage involves you setting up your account and managing your network from your phone via their app. However, if for one reason or another you have a phobia for apps or you’re just not a fan of apps or your phone memory won’t allow you download the app, not to worry. You can access your account through their website. And that’s how you get the party started with this router.

Software and Connectivity

The software is supposedly not too sophisticated and cool like software are these days. Although it still has some features, its technology is absolutely not cutting edge. Carved in the traditional or ancient technique, its network portal is user friendly which makes it easy for anyone to interact with. As it is less complicating software, the settings are arranged on the homepage following the widget format. Asides the Ethernet and USB ports, this router has three antennas and the MU-MIMO technology. Combined this grants the router the ability to allow multiple devices connected to it stream at the same time.

Although it is MU-MIMO ready, the network performance isn’t exactly the best. This doesn’t go to say that it is bad (of course not!). It only fluctuates with response to being in different parts of the house. Nevertheless, this network drop doesn’t affect your streaming.

  •  Affordable price considering the MU-MIMO technology
  •  Its black coloured design makes it quite unnoticeable
  •  It delivers value for money paid
  •  The speed download fluctuates
  •  The software is a bit native

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5. NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1750 Smart Wi-Fi router.

NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1750 Smart Wi-Fi router

With the inclusion of the word “smart” in its name, you could almost guess the function of this incredible router. Labelled as the best router for smart home internet connection, this router is quite budget friendly with price set a little below $100. Considering the amazing things this Wi-Fi can do, one would think the price should be way higher than what it is. However, consider this a treat from Netgear.

Once installed in your house, regardless of the size or shape, you do not have to sit close to it to get strong signal or fast speed while browsing. No matter the corner of the house you decide to hang out in, this router brings the connection to you strong so you enjoy your time on the net. What more? The Netgear nighthawk smart router is compatible with Alexa. More so, it is considered as the ideal choice for both gaming and streaming. Here are some of the amazing features of this router\

FEATURES OF NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1750 Smart Wi-Fi router.

It is a black outer with three external antennas. This Wi-Fi router is successfully able to cover every corner of the house while kicking dead zones out forever as a result of these antennas. They help elongate the range of the router so that whether you choose to stream from the comforts of your bed or the restroom, the signal would still be as strong as if you were sitting next to it. It has two USB ports, fast dual band gigabit technology and accommodates up to 25 devices at once without you having to worry about buffering. Indeed, by design, this Wi-Fi router aims to please.

● Speed and WiFi Range
This is one of the strongest points of this router. Streaming HD videos on extremely fast speed makes life amazing while eliminating frustration. It is this kind of wrap speed that this brand of Netgear router brings to the table. Its download speed is up to 450+1300Mbps. With its next generation 11ac WiFi combined with dual band technology, the AC1750 smart router blesses your house with full coverage with both wired and wireless gigabit connection. Treat yourself to HD gaming and Video with the wired gigabit connection. In terms of the WiFi range, this router’s coverage reaches every corner of your house. Its speed boosting ability is all thanks to beamforming.

Like other routers, Netgear also aims to protect your privacy and that of your loved ones while online. It is equipped with the ability to prevent phishing & spyware. Most importantly, with parental control, you can limit the access your kids have online. It can help you can lure your kids to bed early by limiting the time they spend on the internet apps etc through the parental control setting. Interestingly, you can also monitor their actions on the internet; the apps website etc that they visited. Netgear also provides VPN support on this router. This protects access to your home network when you are, like spider man, far from home.

● Set up
Setting up your router is as simple as downloading the Nighthawk app on your phone and following the instructions. They say a thousand miles journey begins with a step. In this case, the first step to setting up your WiFi is to connect your mobile device to the router’s network. Once this is done, follow the instructions required to successful set up the router. Once this exercise has been completed, visit the dashboard to perform some functions like; managing your devices, check internet speed, set up parental control etc.

  •  Ideal for HD gaming and streaming
  •  Amazing range all thanks to beamforming
  •  It is VPN supported.
  •  The firmware of the router is supposedly mediocre but can be salvaged via upgrade.
  •  Its wall wart is large.
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6. Linksys WRT AC3200 (WRT3200ACM) Wireless Router

Linksys WRT AC3200 (WRT3200ACM) Wireless Router

Looking for an amazingly gifted WiFi that caters for your HD and 4K streaming needs? Well, look no further as we unite you with your solution. The WRT 3200 wireless router from Linksys is the real deal as regards matters of HD and 4K streaming. This router which is much of a hero for streaming has some serious superpowers including: MU-MIMO and tri-stream 160.

In simpler terms, you can connect a lot of devices to this router and it would still supply all these devices with the WiFi at the same high speed. The tri-stream feature of this router works with three streams at 160MHz. According to Linksys, this router supports bandwidth of up to 2.6Gbps. In addition, with the presence of a modem, watch as this router showers WiFi coverage on your house.

FEATURES OF Linksys WRT AC3200 (WRT3200ACM) Wireless Router.

It looks everything like the traditional Wi-Fi routers. Colour wise, it’s a combination of blue and black with four external antennas; Two attached to the side and the other two at the back. These antennas are not permanently fixed and are adjustable. It also comes with LED indicators that speak to you concerning the status it’s in. The word “Linksys” is branded on it in white lettering and also engraved on the antennas. It has 4 gigabit Ethernet ports, 3.0 USB port, eSATA port and connection to a broadband modem. The inside of the router has a RAM of about 512MB and a dual-core CPU of 1.8 GHz for boosting the speed over the wireless frequency.

● Speed
The speed at which this router runs on is top notch. First, its central processing unit is an ultra-powerful 1.8 GHz delivers great experience while in use. Second, it is built with the tri stream 160 technology which is the reason the Wi-Fi speeds is so extreme. This same Wi-Fi speed doesn’t vary or drop when multiple devices are connected to the router. With the presence of MU-MIMO, every device connected to it enjoys fast speed while downloading. Nobody’s downloading business would affect another’s on this router. For instance, if 10 devices are connected to the router, they can all do whatever they want simultaneously, from downloading files, to streaming HD videos to gaming online etc. without having to worry about the network slowing down or having to wait their turns. This all thanks to both the tri stream 160 technology and the MU-MIMO features.

● The WRT3200ACM
With this feature embedded in this router, the manufacturers certainly aim to please advance users especially. Being fully open sourced, the WRT3200ACM entirely helps your router look inwards to make absolute use of its talent. The presence of this feature grants advances user the power to tweak the router in a quest to satisfy their own needs. With this new super power, you can do a variety of things from setting up a secure VPN to creating and managing hotspots to controlling network traffic etc. You literally truly become the boss of the router by making it carry out your commands. In addition, this router has two Wi-Fi bands (all thanks to this feature) which, put together, operates with speed up to 3.2 Gbps. On the one hand, the first band which is 2.4GHz works for lighter internet activities. This would come in handy for older wireless N and G devices. Furthermore, this Wi-Fi band operates with speed of up to 600Mpbs. On the other hand, the second Wi-Fi band which is a 5 GHz runs with speed of up to 2.6 Gbps. This makes it suitable for HD streaming and online gaming.

● Smart Wi-Fi
Experience cutting edge technology with this app that enables you manage your Wi-Fi anytime of the day regardless of your location. With this app, you can monitor your Wi-Fi in real-time. This app truly allows you do a myriads of function without stress such as; set up parental controls, customize your Wi-Fi, send Wi-Fi passwords to guests, prioritize your devices etc. all on the smart Wi-Fi app.

  •  File transfer speed is top notch
  •  The interface is user friendly
  •  It supports beam forming, MU-MIMO and Tri stream 160 technologies which, combined, delivers an incredible experience.
  •  You would need to upgrade all you old wireless devices to be able to handle its performance.
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7. Asus Blue Cave AC2600

Asus Blue Cave AC2600

First of all, if you think that this router is anything close to blue, you are absolutely wrong. Aside the light blue metallic finish, there is nothing blue about this router. Designed to bless your smart house with Wi-Fi, this router is carved with Intel Wi-Fi and 802.11ac dual-band technology. The first band is 2.4GHz while the second is 5GHz.

This router has been referred to as unique as a result of its smart home features. As a result of its size, it is quite difficult to hide this router. Nevertheless, it follows a classy and modern design that you (as the proud owner) would love to show off to guest and visitors. It could pass for a great table decoration. To get your internet connection running, you can achieve this though your modem or existing ISP-provided router. This is because this Wi-Fi lacks the broadband modem. It is compatible with Alexa.

FEATURES OF Asus Blue Cave AC2600.

It is pure white with the name “Asus” branded on it. There is a blue LED light at its center of this router which serves as both aesthetics and an indicator that tells you it’s connected. When you turn on the router, the blue light at its center blinks to indicate that it is coming on. However, this doesn’t go to say that every time the blue light is solid, all is well with the connection. In other words, the solid blue light remains fixed whether or not your connection good. To determine the status of your connection, visit the browser interface’s main window.

It weighs 800g and all the connectivity spot lies at the back. It has 4gigabit ports and a 3.0 USB spot. The RAM is about 500MB, leaving the flash memory at 128MB. Unlike the traditional router designs that come with external antennas, this router takes cue from modern trends. Probably with the aim of creating a router users wouldn’t need to hide out of view, this router comes with 4 internal antennas. These antennas work to boost reception while reducing interference. Furthermore, it comes with cooling holes at the back to prevent overheating.

Welcome to the blue cave where you experience speed of 800 megabits per second (Mph) on 2.4GHz and 1,733Mbps on 5GHz. With the presence of beam forming, this Wi-Fi can establish fast long range connections on individual’s device. Interestingly, this router also has the MU-MIMO feature. This allows multiple devices connect to it without slowing down the speed. Thus, everyone can use and enjoy the router simultaneously. With fast long range connection and the ability to accommodate a lot of devices while still feeding them each this fast paced connection, what more could we ask for in a router with regards to speed? In addition, the Asus blue cave router is quite the picky when it comes to network selection and it’s all thanks to the band-steering. As the name depicts, it connects your phone to the network that’s best for your devices. It supports IPv6 serves two purposes: it helps with security and can be used to extend your network.

● Set up
You can set up this wifi in two ways; via the app which is compatible with all android and IOS devices or through the connection of a web browser. Once connection has been established, visit the site “”. This takes you through the set up routine which is not quite difficult. You would need to create a new network name and password for the sake of security. Interestingly, your Asus router can create a mesh network with other networking gear that belongs to Asus. With the presence of Ai mesh by Asus makes it possible to create this mesh network.

In this age where innovation and technology keeps advancing, we often need to tighten our grips around security and protection. Hence, in partnership with Trend Micro, Asus equipped this Wi-Fi with Ai protection so as to help you protect your home network. Every device connected to this router, including your smart home, is safely protected from being compromised. Furthermore, you can monitor and control the websites your children visit and place restrictions on certain websites through the use of the parental control feature.

  •  As a result of the security software, you home network and connected devices are secure.
  •  By design, you can customize this router to your taste.
  • With the hole in the middle laced with the blue LED light, this router is quite good looking. It could pass as a beautiful work of art.
  • It’s interface is user-friendly
  •  Amazing Ai mesh feature
  •  Their customer service is not so great.
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8. NETGEAR Nighthawk XR500 WiFi Router

NETGEAR Nighthawk XR500 WiFi Router

If you are an active gamer and have been searching for that one router that delivers optimum network performance, gather around for your gold has been found! Although it is a bit pricey, this router is built with incredible pro gaming features that will make you worry less about the price and think more about devising a strategy that turns you into a proud owner. For starters, this router is equipped with wired and wireless connectivity that provides fast-paced gaming.

As a gamer, this blesses you with an incredible online advantage. With four external antennas, your gaming experience is about to be transformed. Interestingly, Netgear designed this router in such a way that anyone can set it up. With few, simple instructions on how to set up this router, you would find out that you can do it all on your own. Here are some of the things that make this router so special for gaming.

FEATURES OF NETGEAR Nighthawk XR500 WiFi Router.

It is a black wedge-shaped router with 4 antennas attached to it. These antennas greatly contribute to its optimum performance and are set to help you receive the best signals. Thus, you do not need to adjust them. Unless you know what you’re doing, do not attempt to adjust the antennas as you might mess up the signals. There are large vents in the front and back of this router. Having both the ability to boost speed and reduce latency, there is no denying the fact that this router is perfect for online gaming. being a dual-band router, the first band which is 2.4 GHz runs on speed of 800 Mbps while the second being 5GHz practically runs on 1,733 Mbps.

Although in theory, the second band should run nothing short of 2.533. Like most routers, it has a “V” shaped LED light, five gigabit Ethernet ports, two USB ports and, to treat your guests well, it has a guest network. You can move your data to a gigabit per second all thanks to the 3 WAN and 1 LAN ports (which, combined together, account for the five gigabit Ethernet ports). It has a power button that helps you start and turn off the router whenever you need to.

With wifi speed of up to 2.53 Gbps and the pro gaming ability to reduce lag spikes by prioritizing your gaming devices, you do not have to worry about the speed getting slow. Furthermore, the speed is maximized by four data streams, making the wifi speed top-notch. Thus, if you crave connection speed, here is something that transforms that craving to an obsession. This router supports MU-MIMO. At the rate this speed runs, it is undoubtedly the best choice for HD gaming and video. Most importantly, the issue of having to reboot routers because of wireless connection issue has been conquered by Netgear in this router. Welcome to the world where connection is seamless, fast paced and lacks complications.

Possessing the ability to speed boost, this router is quite innovative. For one, it allows you prioritize the bandwidth. It can also help you hide your location and identity. More so, you can actually be selective when it comes to the data channel to transmit on. For example, with the help of this router’s double-width 160 MHz data channels and dynamic frequency selection (DFS) you can transmit on the clearest data channels there is. This software also includes the geo-filtering feature. This specifically exists to solve the network lag problem. With distance in between you and the gaming server you are connected to, resulting in flawless connectivity.

While it is the speed a router provides is quite important, safety and security while you go on internet adventures is more important. The Netgear nighthawk XR500 WiFi router built this router with security strong enough to keep you safe from internet spywares, phishing etc. it also helps you put your kids and guests in their place by placing limit on the access they have. Also, your network identity is safe and protected with this router.

● Set up
The setup is quite an easy task. Rather than go through an app, you set up via the web page. Start by rebooting your cable modem. Then, connect your router’s internet port to your cable modem’s Ethernet port. Having done this, proceed to power on your pro gaming router. Once the LED turns solid white, join the default network of the router via your laptop. Do not worry because the default network login details are on the small white paper glued to your router. After this, log in to their webpage (www.router Use the default login details to go through the set up process which also includes the internet speed test. After concluding the setup, you can now proceed to change the admin details for security reasons. To monitor the activities on the router such as checking the performance of the router, monitoring connected devices etc. as well as performs other managerial duties on the router, Netgear’s genie or Nighthawk apps can help you achieve this.

  •  The setup process is simple
  •  Their dashboard is quite informative. Hence, allows anyone to easily navigate through the app.
  •  The performance is top notch.
  •  The speed is incredibly fast and perfect for HD gaming.
  •  Configuring the VPN is an easy task.
  •  The network is stable.
  •  Because the network is stable, it spares you the drama of having to reboot the router for the sake of network correction.
  •  You can only remotely access the router as an admin from one IP or a range
  •  It is expensive. However, if you are willing to overlook this fact and try to get it, you would see that the price is absolutely worth the value ,Lit has.
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9. Samsung SmartThings Wifi Mesh Router

Samsung SmartThings Wifi Mesh Router

Say hello Samsung smart things router, one of the perfect solution to deadzones in your smart home. In order to achieve a Wi-Fi network that is fast, stable and secure in your home, this router has been designed to use multiple access. Because it is Ai based, this router is all about delivering optimum performance that gives you a delightful home WiFi experience. Its speed is quite impressive as a result of the ability to avoid congestion by plying the fastest path and and clearest channel.

When a company like samsung with lots of experience in the tech industry decides to dive into the Wi-Fi router business, you should expect the best from them. As a result of years of expertise in the industry, incorporated in the build up of this router is the smart things hub. If you have a large number of smart home devices and have been searching for a way to control them all, then this router was made with you in mind. The smart things hub was made to serve this purpose; to control as many smart home devices as possible as long as it is compatible with it.

Below is a peek into what this Samsung smart things WiFi router is made of. We answer the question; “what exactly is this router about?”. Also, since it shares some similarities with the google Wi-Fi, we would briefly answer the question “is it better than the Google WiFi router?”

FEATURES OF Samsung SmartThings Wifi Mesh Router.

Like the google WiFi router, the Samsung smart things router is small and white in colour. Asides being white, it has rounded edges and can be easily kept out of sight. By design, you can either purchase this Wi-Fi router as a single pack or three packs. The cost of one of three routers is $120 and its range is 1,500 square feet. This makes it pretty awesome for individuals with smaller home spaces. For those with bigger house space, you might want to consider buying the entire 3packs to get the best out of this router. Covering a total of 4,600 square feet (amazing right!), the cost of the 3packs of samsung smartthings router is $280 and it supports 32 different other routers, this router uses green and red lights to indicate the status of your connection. While the green light means the connection is perfect, you can absolutely guess that the red light means there is trouble in paradise as regards connectivity.

With reference to the storage spaces of the hubs, all three hubs each have 4GB storage space and RAN of 512. Here is a brief list of some of the things this router supports by design. They include; 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, 2 x 2 MIMO, AC1300 (up to 866 Mbps on 5GHz, 400Mbps on 2.4GHz), ZigBee, Z-Wave a Bluetooth 4.1 etc. It has about seven antennas. The dual bands (2.4Hz and 5GHz) use a pair of antennas each while the remaininf 3 antennas work with the bluetooth, the Zigbee and Z-Wave connections. As a result of its ability to self optimize itself, once it gets into a space, it studies the environment so that it optimizes itself to function in a way that befits you. However, if after purchasing this router you begin to search for the USB port, well, don’t! Because it has no USB port. But, it has input and output gigabit Ethernet ports.

Before getting really excited about any Wi-Fi router, it is important to consult with its security capacity. In other words, what measures have the manufacturers taken to ensure that your network and online activities won’t be compromised?. As regards this Wi-Fi router, Samsung has made sure that as a parent with kids who have access to the router, you are able to control monitor and control their online activities. You can set boundaries as regards the sites they are allowed to explore. Also, you can send them to bed by setting a timer that logs them off the router once it’s past the amount of hours they are allowed to use the internet for. More importantly, you can absolutely set your Samsung smart things router to block off malwares, SPAM, phishing, cyber attacks and other harmful online sites automatically. More so, when there is an unexpected activity going on in your home, this router would alert you immediately so you can spring to action.

● Set up
Setting up this router is seamless and can be done via the Samsung SmartThings app. Whether you use an android or IOS phone, the initial stage after acquiring the Samsung SmartThings router is to install the app from your smart phone market( Googleplay store or Apple store). Once installed, follow the instruction to get it running.

Remember how it was earlier said that this router has the ability to study your environment so as to self-optimize to perform excellently? Well this is all thanks to the adaptive home Wi-Fi powered by Plume. How this works is, with artificial intelligence, it studies the pattern of how you use your Wi-Fi and itself to work better, faster and more satisfying. More so, part of its duty as a SmartThings hub is to connects your household equipments like cameras, lights, sensors, locks etc so that your house is automated and can be controlled by you either through the SmartThings app, Alexa or google assistant. Sounds cool right?.

  •  The network is fast and stable. Hence, buffering is certainly not an issue especially when a lot of devices are connected as it supports MU-MIMO
  •  The network management controls is simple.
  •  The network range and wireless speed are mindblowing
  •  As a result of Samsung’s integration of plume technology, users get free plume membership.
  •  The network is managed with two apps (SmartThings app and the Plume app) which can be confusing.
  •  It has two Ethernet ports.

It is quite impossible to just decide that one router is the overall best. This is because every router isn’t design to solve the same problem neither are they built with similar technology. While some are built with mesh technology, others are built with tri-band technology.

More so, while some are built for small houses, some are forged for smart houses while others strictly serve gaming and 4k streaming purpose. This goes to say that while trying to get a router, you should first considered what you need it for and, most importantly, the speed of the categories of Wi-Fi you find.



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