Best Tree Climbing shoes 2020 : Reviews & Buying Guide

Top 10 best Tree-climbing Shoes In 2020

It is believed that tree climbing requires much upper-body strength from climbers who want to succeed in the activity or career. As much as this concept is absolutely accurate, you can’t overlook the importance of good shoes in tree-climbing activities or career.

Though your upper-body strength enhances your stability while climbing, shoe ensures that your toes are gathered into one area thereby providing your feet all the energies and stability needed to carry out the climbing activities.

If you intend diving or entering into tree-climbing activities, it is compulsory you have a very good tree-climbing shoe that will enhance your growth and reputation as one of the best tree climbers in the world within the shortest period of time.

How To Know Good Tree-climbing Shoes :

There are many substandard tree-climbing shoes in the market and many beginners have been victimized by fraudsters because they couldn’t differentiate between a counterfeit shoe and a quality shoe.

As a way to prevent you from buying a counterfeit pair of tree-climbing shoe, below are the list of features that make up a quality shoe:

* Good Shoes Are Made With Long-lasting Materials: You should endeavor to know the lifespan of the shoes you intend to buy. If possible, get an experienced climber to help you inspect the quality of the shoe you are interested in buying.

* Comfortable Inner Structure: Have a feel of the inner structure or textile of the shoe by wearing it and see if it is comfortable enough for you to carry out your climbing mission.

* A Good Shoe Must Be Slip-resistant: Tree-climbing needs you to stay glue to trees. Hence, your shoe must stay firm and tight to the tree. Ensure that the shoe of your choice isn’t slippery as it will be useless unless you want to risk your life.

Top 10 Tree-climbing Shoes

Though we’ve revealed the qualities that make up a good climbing shoe, we believe there is a need to list the best shoes in the market in order to save your time and prevent you from the stress of checking for the aforementioned attributes of a good shoe. Below is a quick overview of our top ten tree-climbing shoes:

1. Adidas outdoor Men’s Ax2 Hiking Shoe

You don’t need to be told that Adidas is one of the leading shoe-making brands in the world. Mostly known for the production of sport wears and kits, Adidas are also leading the park when it it comes to producing quality shoes that can be used for multiple events.

In terms of tree climbing shoes, Adidas’ most trusted shoe is no other than the Ax2 Hiking Shoe which is known for its quality and gorgeous appearance. It is made with a solid rubber sole which ensures that it has a very strong grip on the tree you’re climbing. It consists of a very lovable textile which makes it comfortable and befitting on your feet. You can decide to wear it under heavy rain fall, thanks to its classic outsole which enhances its resistance to rain and wet surface. That’s not all, you can wear the good-looking Adidas Ax2 Hiking Shoe to any event of your choice as it is created to cater for all events.


  • It is an attractive pair of shoe with mind-blowing color combinations.
  • It lasts long due to its quality materials and water-resistance ability.

2. Bushwhacker Boots

Second on the list, the Bushwhacker is another hiking shoe suitable for your tree-climbing activities or competitions. It has a smooth surface which is finely designed by its manufacturers.

It possesses an ergonomic in-sole which makes it comfortable and perfect for any hiking or climbing activity including rock climbing. The ergonomic feature also makes it suitable for anyone who is suffering from toe or any minor injury as it hasten healing process.

However, you will need to stop climbing of all kinds throughout the time you will spend on the recuperating room. It’s attractive and potable in size, thereby enhancing your flexibility and resistivity while climbing. Its rubber-made upper part contains a cotton canvas lining.


  • It is a product that will last long, thanks to the possession of air-cushioned heel which protects the climbing shoe from being damaged too easily.
  • It provides you with good grip and comfort while climbing.
  • It is a lightweight shoe which won’t be a burden to lift up.

3. Mad Monkey Tree Climbing Shoe

Manufactured by highly-rated and experienced footwear makers Mad Rock Company, this shoe is all you need to help your children become professional and error-free climbers in no time.

Mad Monkey footwear is largely made for kids and young children who want to become a professional climbers. It is made with leather materials in order to provide maximum protection for your feet.

Apart from protecting your feet, the quality leather materials also ensure that the shoe last long and can stand any pressure while using it. Mad Monkey climbing shoes has a sole strength of 3.8m, which enhances its longevity and its overall performance while climbing.

With its adjustable straps, you can make it look more attractive and comfortable on your feet. It is light in weight and can be used in other sporting events.


  • It last long and it’s durable
  • Its portability makes it suitable for tree-climbing activities.
  • It is attractive as it consists of awesome color combinations.
  • It is technically made to enhance climbing potentials and performance.
  • It is easy to maintain as it requires few minutes to clean when dirty


  • largely created for kids, hence, larger sizes could be scarce in the market.

4. Muckster Li Low Tree Climbing Shoe


Muck Boot is a company known for their quality shoes, and Muckster Li Low isn’t excepted. The shoe was one of the best climbing shoes ever and it remains the go-to product for everyone who wants to take his or her tree-climbing career to another level .

Its uncompromising quality makes it the toast of every athlete while its flexibility and eye-catching design makes it irresistible. It is a waterproof shoe which means you have no reason to be afraid if you’re climbing a wet or moisturized tree.

Its footbed is created in a way that provides maximum comfort for your feet while climbing. This shoe contains a nylon-made CR flex-foam of 8mm, and it is flexible and very easy to lift up, thanks to its light weight. The presence of bob tracker out-sole enhances its stability on trees. The shoe is equally easy to maintain as it possesses a self-cleaning outsole.


  • It is easy to maintain.
  • It is durable
  • Its waterproof feature makes it suitable for all seasons — summer, winter, autumn or spring.


  • It’s quite expensive

5. Scarpa Men’s Vapor V Climbing Shoe

Scarpa is another well-known shoe producing company with lots of experience, their products are nothing but classic and durable.

Among many of the shoes produced by the company, Men’s Vapour V Climbing Shoe stands out as the most beautiful and comfortable spike for your tree-climbing activity. Its synthetic touch makes it beautiful and attractive, while its split sole makes it comfortable and convenient for your feet.

In terms of performance enhancement, the shoe is a must-have for all athletes aiming for a laudable prize in any competition. This is because the shoe comprises of bi-tension active randing system which provides your toes with maximum strength and power while climbing. It also contains a Vibram XS Edge that enhances its gripping prowess.


  • Durability is guaranteed
  • It is performance enhancer.
  • Beautiful design


  • It’s unisex as it’s only suitable for male climbers
  • It is relatively made for the elites judging by Amazon’s price tag.

6. Climb X Rave

This is one of the cheapest tree-climbing shoes on the list. Its affordability doesn’t take anything away from its reliability and quality.

It consists of a very comfortable collar and heel, thanks to the presence of a pad. Unlike most shoes that develop irritating smell after being used for some hours, Climb X Rave will never give bad odour even if you wear it for 24 hours. This is because it possesses an anti-microbial hemp foot-bed.


  • It is budget Friendly
  • It possesses great quality


  • You might need to go for a size that is 1.5 larger than your feet as the product is often smaller than the size written on its package.

7. Defy Tree Climbing Boots


Produced by US-based climbing shoes manufacturing company EVOLV, Defy Boots is one shoe you mustn’t overlook if your aim  to be a better climber.

This shoe is made with quality materials while the design equally boost its lifespan. The presence of synthetic and nylon at the upper side part of the shoe provides your feet with the needed comfort while climbing. It is contains a VTR rand which enhances its thickness at the front-end toe area, thereby, making it safe and conducive for your feet. The possession of 4.2mm friction rubber further guarantees its durability and quality.


  • It is light in weight
  • it’s attractive and durable.

8. Hi-Tec Men’s Altitude IV Waterproof Hiking Boot

This is a high-quality shoe that provides you with the chance to go climbing during rainy season as it is a waterproof product thanks to its sealed seams.

It is largely made with synthetic and leather materials, but it possesses a rubber sole which make it suitable for climbing. The presence of a steel shank makes it strong and durable. Wearing this shoe for long won’t have any adverse effect on your feet as it consists of moisture-wicking lining which ensures that your feet remain dry and fresh throughout your climbing session.

It is natural that an amateur climbers are prone to slip, but with this shoe, you have no reason to panic because of its awesome traction ability. Its outsole have a massive gripping prowess, you are totally secured from falling or slipping. It is a less-bulky and an eye-catching shoe that is created with your safety in the mind of its producers.


  • It is durable thanks to the possession of a full-length 3d ABS midsole.
  • It is usable at all times and in all seasons.

9. SCARPA Men’s Crux Approach Hiking Shoe

This is another shoe made by the Scarpa shoe-making company. Just like the Vapor V Climbing Shoe, this product is largely made for men’s use. It is created with materials — especially the sole — that will enhance your speed while climbing. This is why it is recommended to anyone preparing for a tree-climbing competition.

The rubber sole is strong enough to protect your feet from being injured by rough surfaces. Its leather materials equally make it conducive for your feet. The shoe contains an EVA midsole which ensures that there is a suitable breathing space for your feet while climbing. Heel-cup is another feature that makes this shoe a must-have for all climbers. With the completely rounded heel cup, your toes are gently driven into the toe-box. Its laces also guarantee your safety as it provides you with the chance to tie the shoe round your feet to your satisfaction.


  • It has a long lifespan, thanks to its attrition-resisting leather.
  • It has an amazing design.
  • Its waterproofness means you can go climbing while it’s raining.


  • It is only made for man use
  • You might need to break the bank to get it, no thanks to its steep price tag.

10. La Sportiva Men’s TarantuLace


La Sportiva’s Tarantulace is a product recommended for people who are interested in affordable tree-climbing shoes. It was one of the fast selling shoes and it is expected to sell even more faster this year because of its obvious attractiveness.

Though its quality is a bit lower than the aforementioned (pricey) shoes on the list, it is cost-effective which gives you a value for your money. It is also strong enough to protect your feet and enhance your performance. It consists of a rubber heel rand and FriXion RS Rubber soles, making it one of the go-to shoes when it comes to durability and reliability. With its low-asymmetry EN45 build, the comfort of your feet is guaranteed as this feature helps to prevent cramping on the edges of the boot.


  • It’s budget friendly
  • It enhances your climbing potentials.


  • It is not suitable for rainy season as it is not a waterproof shoe.
  • It doesn’t possess equal quality with the other shoes listed above.

Our Final Remarks

You will realize that some of the shoes on the list doesn’t have shortcomings (Cons). This is because they are perfectly created with good and quality materials. Nonetheless, the only shortcoming of all the shoes that fall into this category is their steep price tag. They are very expensive and can be only be gotten by elites or high salary earner.

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